infrared inspection

Infrared Inspection Services New York, Mid-Atlantic, and Nevada

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Offering A Full Range Of Testing Performed By The Best Trained Experts

Predictive Technologies Inc. in Pittsford, NY offers complete HVAC, electrical and thermal technology preventative and maintenance services. By using the best testing tools available today combined with the best training and certification, our professional team can help keep your facility operating smoothly. With a complete comprehensive analysis of your facility, Predictive Technologies Inc. can detect potential problems before they happen. Plain and simple...This can save you Money, Time, and Energy! Call 585-752-5466 today!

Our technicians offer advanced training and experience in the predictive maintenance field. With extensive training in electrical, HVAC, and thermal technology, our technicians offer the highest level of testing technology throughout New York, Mid-Atlantic, and Nevada.


A Comprehensive Inspection & Analysis Can Help You:

  • Identify Problems before they happen
  • Reduce facility operating costs
  • Evaluate your facility performance
  • Reduce Equipment failure & extend equipment life
  • Avoid needless downtime, discomfort or inconvenience to occupants
  • Save Time, Energy & Money!

The Benefits of Predictive Maintenance

  • Minimizes or eliminates costly down-time
  • Minimizes or eliminates catastrophic machinery failure
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Reduces spare part inventories
  • Optimizes machinery performance
  • Reduces excessive electrical power consumption
  • Reduces warranty claims
  • Increases machinery safety
  • Reduces insurance rates
  • Reduces depreciation of capital investment

Depend on our innovative team for reliable service every time. We are dedicated to providing ample predictive maintenance techniques. It is important to know when maintenance on your in-service equipment needs to be performed. You will save time and money in the long run, so contact us for fast service!

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