Infrared Thermography Inspections New York, Mid-Atlantic, and Nevada

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A telltale sign of emerging equipment problems is the presence or absence of heat.  Infrared Thermography can actually see heat and detect potential faults.  By using heat-sensing scanners and equipment, Predictive Technologies Inc. in Pittsford, NY will detect any abnormal temperatures or heat buildup in your operating systems. 

Serving New York, Mid-Atlantic, and Nevada, our thermographic analysis will quickly spot overly high operating temperatures that are the principal cause of failures.  This testing is a powerful tool for early problem identification and avoids potential breakdowns.  A full report will be supported by high-resolution infrared images, fault locations, temperature information, electrical parameters as well as specific recommendations for correcting any detected problems.

Infrared Thermography has proven to be effective in detecting potentially serious problems including:

  • Building Roof Leaks
  • Temperature Fluctuation
  • Load Current Imbalance Thermo
  • System Overloads
  • Corroded or Loose Electrical Connections
  • Bearing Misalignment and Degradation
  • Deteriorating Wire Insulation  

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