Vibration Analysis New York, Mid-Atlantic, and Nevada

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Predictive Technologies Inc. in Pittsford NY serves New York, Mid-Atlantic, and Nevada with vibration analysis services. Analyzing the vibration in rotating components of any machine can provide a detailed picture of many different mechanical problems. Each machine has an identifiable vibration “signature”.  When problems develop, those signatures change - and the ways in which they change provide accurate means of identifying potential problems.  Vibration data collected from rotating equipment is analyzed and used for future comparison, along with early predictions of potentially serious and disruptive failures.  Our full report includes what and how we tested the machine, the condition, complete results, priority status and any recommendations for corrective action.

Vibration Types Include:Vibration

  • Rotor Imbalance or Misalignment 
  • Looseness and Rub Frequencies
  • Belt and Blade Pass Frequencies
  • Bearing and Gear Mesh Frequencies
  • Electrical Frequencies


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